About Ideum

Ideum's Mission

is to become the trading currency for the Sharing Economy and Online Marketplace trading.

Ideum Tokens are a smart currency specially designed to work with online marketplaces.

Ideum Tokens provide a safer and decentralized platform where users on both sides of the transaction conduct business using Smart Contracts.

Ideum's Blockchain technology and Smart Contracts solve one of the biggest problems that the current financial and credit card institutions have not been able to crack, solving discrepancies by using voting community forums.
Currently, trading online could be a challenging and sometimes frightening proposition. Not knowing who would respond to your ad, and the fear of meeting a stranger at your house or a parking lot, prevents people from doing business with other people. In fact, that same fear leads people to choose to lose 30 or 40% of their car value by trading in their used cars at a car dealership. Others choose to accumulate assets they don't use in their garages or storage units.

Trust & Safery The use of Blockchain technologies adds the extra level of safety that a decentralized marketplace needs by creating smart contracts and a community-based resolution platform.

Price Comparison A market-driven pricing will allow users to quickly find the price they can buy or rent an item for and provide owners with a price range they can expect to receive for selling and renting out their items.

User Ratings Tradefax.org, will allow "traders" or peers in the sharing economy and traditional marketplaces to rate each other..

Searching For the Sharing Economy, Rentus.com aggregates thousands of listings, and its search engine provides its users with results by item name, use, keyword, location and price.

LogisticsRentus.com provides is users with the option to use approved delivery services like Rodie.com and, in the future, approved locations to meet.

Meeting & Exchanging Things These meetings will no longer by blind. Both parties will be able to see each other's track record and community-generated ratings..

Our Partner


Rental Marketplace


Using the Blockchain-enabled Rentus.com platform, the user will be able to enter into an Smart Contract. This Smart Contract will include the rental terms, pickup and delivery terms, security deposit, and conflict resolution alternatives in case of damaged or missing items. For businesses already in the Rental Business, Rentus.com provides the ultimate marketplace to advertise and rent the equipment and stay on top of trends and the competitive landscape.

In addition to these benefits, Rentus.com users will be able to earn Ideum Tokens by listings items for rent, renting out items and interacting in the platform.

This model provides an extra incentive to Rentus.com users to be more active and accumulate tokens that can be used to rent items they need, trade, and transact in the Rentus.com platform. Ideum Token will be the Crypto Currency for rentals.


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