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March 31, 2018
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October 2, 2018
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Blockchain As A Service

Ideum to offer Blockchain Technology as a Service.

Blockchain technology offers great advantages for companies of any size. An open ledger offers transparency and builds trusts when transacting online. Some may say that trust is no longer an issue with Blockchain. We believe that the Blockchain builds confidence and saves money.

As part of the buildup of Ideum we are planning to offer our Blockchain technology as a service to companies that can’t afford to do it on their own. For example, traditional online marketplaces will be able to run their transactions through the Ideum blockchain and take full advantage of the benefits and transparency offered by the technology. Companies will also be able to use the Ideum trading tokens as a currency.

Ideum Trading TokensNot sure about you, but I am starting to believe that the word “decentralized” is already overused and frankly, I get annoyed every time I hear it. The idea is not to use cliché words. The idea is to connect two or more people to do business without the need of a blood-sucking banking intermediary. We believe that if a marketplace can connect two or more people and these people can buy, sell or rent products and services from each other, without a banking intermediary, online commerce will reach unprecedented levels.

One of the first companies to use Ideum’s technology and Ideum tokens will be A rental marketplace that has become a leading force in the Sharing Economy and will soon be the Airbnb of rentals and sharing. For, Ideum blockchain eliminates the trust factor. will serve as the authority to rate and qualify people doing business online. will connect to the blockchain using Ideum Blockchain as a service model and help online traders make better decisions and shop with confidence.

We will be updating you with our progress as well as our planned ICO (Token Generating Event) for Ideum.

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